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PNG and paint.net

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Hello everyone I like to know if there is a problem with paint.net and saving the PNG files at a smaller formate? Some programs are finding it hard to read a 13x13 image but made in something

else it works so I wonder if its a problem with the program saving the smaller PNG's wrong or slitly corrupt.

Any light on this would be great.

I did try and seach the forum but was not able to find a post so if it as been reported sorry for posting again please link me to that part of the forum if it has thanks.


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Which programs specifically are having problems with the small PNGs?

The program is the AutoPlay Media Studio 6,7,8(Main Program) Button Maker (Sub Program), We made the

PNG's in other programs and they work also a forum member of AutoPlay Media Studios Also made a PNG fixer

that dose fix the problem so this dose show that the problem is in Paint.Net when its saving lower Pixels in the

PNG files I not sure the how many Pixels the problems start on but I tested kinda a few like 13x13 and that

as a problem.

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Can you post the original 13x13 image, and the same one that has been "fixed" so we can see the difference?

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Any idea when this will be fixed?

I'm still not sure there's a bug, logically speaking anyway. Just because another program can't read a PNG created with Paint.NET doesn't mean that Paint.NET has a bug, mind you.

For Paint.NET v4 I am going to be upgrading all the built-in codecs to use WIC instead of GDI+ so that should improve things. GDI+ is known to be bad in many, many ways -- including its codec implementations.

In the meantime you haven't told us what version of Windows you're using or given us any means to reproduce the issue. That information will help

And, you know, donations help motivation too. I can't do everything for free ya know.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

Donations are always appreciated! https://www.getpaint.net/donate.html


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