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Almost Realistic Fluffy Clouds


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Tip:  Have your cloud on it's own layer.


Using the Radial Gradient :RadialGradient:, select the Transparent mode from the Tool Bar.  Click in the centre of your cloud and drag outwards.  This should progressively fade the cloud from the center out - fading the edges the most.



Thank you. Though I had been mostly following those steps, your explanation showed me what I was doing wrong. I had never really tried blending anything before and I didn't realize how important like colors would be. I had a differently colored sky. I've now got it working pretty well with the colors from the example and now I'm working on altering the cloud color so it will blend with an 'afternoon-colored' sky.


Really appreciate your help!


Edit - Wow, I just noticed all the new activity. 




and everyone, for your help!

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From what I can see you just need to use the radial transparent gradient to blend in the edges. 


The trick to this tut us in the blending really. Practice this and I`m sure you will get the result you want. So far so good. :)


By the way I have tried using the same settings again myself but never get the same result twice, which is good because when did you last see two identical clouds?



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