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Recoloring an image with a gardient

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Hi, I'm relatively new to graphic design and I'm trying to recolor a dark gray shape on a transparent background. I've googled my question a while already and was not able to come up with anything on my own. I would like to recolor the shape with a radial gradient so that I can make the center part of it red and fade it back out to its original color and keep the background transparent. Does anyone know how to do this? Let me know if I need to explain better.

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From another relative newbie, I would make a layer with the gradient like I wanted it. Copy/Paste that into another layer on your image that you want to change. Then add a third transparent layer. Select the layer and magic wand the gray shape that you want to change the color of. Then select the gradient layer you made and copy. Now select the transparent layer and paste. Go back and delete the gradient layer you made and if I understand what you're wanting to do, this should do it:}

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Best to do would be to clear the entire thing and make it all transparent first as Paint.NET cannot select with feathering. Then use the ellipse selection tool and select a circle on the transparent background. Switch to gradient, make the shape radial, and choose the two colors. Then draw your gradient. If you want feathering, do a very light gaussian blur afterwards.

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