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Noticed Bug

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Here is the order of what I did to get this bug:

1. First modify an image file and go to "Save As" on file menu.

2. Type in the name for your new file to be saved as.

3. Now while in the directory that I want to save the file to I changed the file name of another file that I had previously named incorrectly. I used the right click context menu and the "Rename" option.

4. Once the other file has been renamed now click save without doing anything else to save the file that you originally opened the save as dialog for.

5. You get a warning confirmation popup to confirm the overwrite of a file that already exist. (it list the name of the file that I just renamed, not the file I'm trying to save).

6. To work around this and save my file, I had to backspace the name in the filename textbox and then retype the same thing. This removed the warning dialog since the file I was saving did not really exist.

My assumption is that something during the rename process is overwriting the internal variable that holds the name of the file to be saved. I thought the dialog actions where controlled by windows, but I guess see if you can duplicate it.

Running Paint.NET Ver. 3.5.5 Build: 3.55.3767.28608

OS: Windows XP SP2 x86

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Yes, I get the same thing.

It doesn't seem like a bug to me.

It's very logical for the Save As... dialogue to consider

any actions occuring within it to be about the Save As... process.

When we rename a file from the Save As... dialogue

it puts the focus very pointedly on the new filename.


Of course, opinions will vary. :)

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