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a brush for sharping?

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is there a tool, which allows to sharp like colouring with a brush?

i had this in Paint Shop Pro and this is the only tool i really miss.

if i haven´t seen it and it already exist, sorry... pls can i get the link to the tool?

... and a big thankyou to all creators. i love paint.net and its tools.

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Your best bet is to use the standard trick of using two layers and the eraser.

First, duplicate the layer.

Second, run the effect or adjustment (e.g. sharpen) on the lower layer.

Third, use the eraser tool on the top layer (the unmodified copy). This will effectively give you an "effect brush."

Lastly, when you're all done, merge the two layers using Merge Down.

The Paint.NET Blog: https://blog.getpaint.net/

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