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Gas giant tutorial (request from skitza)


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Skitza requested a tutorial on how to make a gas giant i made so here it is :)

Im assuming you know 1 or 2 basics of making space pics

First create a starbackground

New layer, fill in the canvas and run shape3d at your own settings


Now create another layer and run clouds (normal settings) run shape 3d at the same settings as when you first used it, now set the layer to overlay; their will be a shiny spot on the planet so get rid of that by painting variations of orange over it and gaussian blur it on a new layer


New layer

Clouds at the same setting but put up the scale so there is 1 cloud and a bit sticking in

set the layer to overlay.


And ta-da your very own gas giant :)

Please tell me if you want me to add a little bit on how to make a ring (different from any other one on this website)

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Q: Did you use search before you posted this?

A: No.

I can tell because a you missed these tutorials:

100% PDN Planet Tutorial v2!

Jupiter planet like effect

and not forgetting..., How to create a "earth type" planet texture

These tutorials specify what settings to use when applying effects. This is pretty much what a tutorial is supposed to do. Telling users to " run shape3d at your own settings" and "First create a starbackground" is not very helpful.

The above tutorials also link to the plugins used, which is considered essential these days when writing tutorials.

Finally, one request is not really enough justification for writing a tutorial. Please wait until you have a number of requests before committing yourself. Even then, check the Tutorial Guidelines first and remember to use SEARCH.

This is a nice effect, but just not really detailled enough or sufficiently original to justify another planet tutorial. Sorry.


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