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Eraser Tool

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o3o Dunno if there are any topics like this, BUT

I am very intamite with Paint, and since Paint.NET has layers I had to get it. I love Paint.NET, but there are some Paint features I miss/can't figure out how to get on Paint.NET.

The biggest one is the Eraser Tool; how the hell do I get it to replace one colour with another like the Paint Eraser did?

Like, Say you have several lines. Black, red, and gray. You want to get rid of the red, but it's all tangled in the other two colours. Paint's Eraser Tool was able to erase just the Red, but I can't figure out how to do that on Paint.NET. Help plz?

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Adolpha ,

The Paint.NET eraser tool erases, it doesn't recolor.


There is the Recolor tool that can change one color to another.



Using the Magic Wand, the red could be globally selected, then erased or deleted.

Magic Wand


The Grim Color Reaper plugin effect could be used to remove the red.

Grim Color Reaper

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