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Hacking? Anyone?


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What's prohibited is "hacking content" as in "how-to guides for hacking". Just asking who hacks is acceptable...as long as we don't discuss our techniques here.

I've done a few levels of the hackthissite site. The PHP stuff is fun...my friends in school were amazed that I could get past that part, but it's really not too hard.

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Well as far as hacking to have an edge on say something like Xbox Live or something, ya I think thats just plain stupid and cheating for sure.

But I remember when I was younger and video games were far simpler and a null modem was about as far as multiplayer went, I remember it was very fun and challanging to sit there with a hex editor and a saved game file and try to figure where the money value was or something. Most of the time nothing would happen, sometimes the game would crash and occasionally you would get $65535 :wink:

The first computer game I ever bought was this game called Populous, it was kind of a Command & Conquer type game, but came out far before C&C. Anyways the way the game "saved" your character was by giving you this 20 character or so code that was alphanumeric. And you would type in the code later on to reload your character. Well as a young kid I discovered that by typing different codes you could get different profiles. So I would sit there and and type in random codes and right down what stats I got, until I found one that suited what I needed for the particular level. And I got to tell you I was very proud of my findings. Now that is kind of cheating, but just to have fun, not to hurt others. It was kind of like the Doom editors that could let you shoot like rockets out of the machine gun, or shoot bad guys out of a gun....fun stuff.

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