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What's the biggest image you've ever created with Paint.NET?

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In other words, have you ever created an image that had, oh, I don't know, a layer count above 50 (gifs don't count)? If so, what was it? How big was it (in terms of resolution & size in MBs)? How long did it take you to make it? What's your computer configuration? And lastly, do you have a link to it (I wouldn't recommend posting display code though for an image megapixels big, though)?

I haven't really made any pics with more than 30 layers or above 1600x1200. Doesn't go well with a single core machine. But I'm sure that rule doesn't apply to high-end pros who really push PDN to it's limits; I've heard some people on the forum say they work with x+ amount of layers (x being a three digit number).

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I tried that just now (I wasn't actually planning on doing anything just wanted to see) and it only lets you have for nines in each box, if you put more it removes the "okay" button.

...but that's still a lot of pixels (99980001).

Probably just different settings or versions.

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