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I was wondering how you could blend 2 pictures gradually at the middle. I know it can be easily done with 1 picture and a solid color, for example:


^Just an example for this

Only problem with that method is if you use gaussian blue on the image on the one layer it will mess up that image... and I can't seem to find a transparent gradient thingamabobber (which i doubt exists anyway...) SO, if theres any way to do this please let me know. :)

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Ok I feel like an idiot saying this... but I can't find that ^

All I found was

2. To use the alpha channel only thing you need to specify two different (assuming you want a fade) transparency levels on your primary/secondary colors. The gradient will then only change the alpha channel (or transparency) of the selected rectangle pixels in the gradient and not the actual color. This should allow some cool fade in/out effects between layers.


But that wasn't helpful...

And this


Put 2 images in 2 layers.

Then change Secondary Color's Alpha to 0.

Then on the top layer, use gradient plugin with the option "Alpha-channel" only.

Which I'm looking into now...


YAY, thanks!!! :D

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