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Draw me a world tutorial

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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it



thumbnail version: t9cihi.png


Plugins required:

Written version:


This is our final outcome


Step 1


First i started off with a canvas size of 350x130.

Then i used my Paint Bucket tool to make the

whole thing blue. The shade of blue settings used

were: R: 124 G: 199 B:252


Step 2


Now its time to use your line tool. Make multiple

layers and just spam different shades of blue lines

across the canvas like so.


Step 3


Now use motion blur on each line layer and have it

go in the direction that you would like. Feel free to

adjust the brightness and mess with the blending

options if you do not like the turn out.


Step 4


Lets draw some more lines. Just take a shade of

green and shape it to how you would like your

landform to look like. Simple step right? 😃


Step 5


Time to use a effect i use quite often called Dents.

Not much brain work required besides just

configuring it until you like the outcome. I forgot my

settings so you will have to mess with it on your

own. =p


Step 6


Lets make a sun now. Just use the ellipse tool to

make a bright yellow circle like this.


Now to make it shaded like the above image we

will use the magic wand tool on 50% tolerance and

click a blank space on the layer. Then hit ctrl + i

and it should invert the selection so that it should be

around the yellow circle only.

Now we get to use a effect called bevel selection.

Set it so that both sliders are the original shade of

yellow that you used. This makes it so that

adjusting the shades will make it more true to your

original circle color. Now to shade we simply adjust

it so that the highlight color gets moved towards a

brighter yellow and make it so that the shadow

slider gets moved towards a darker yellow like the

example below:


Feel free to adjust the depth slider to whatever you

feel looks better.


Now you are done. Just move the sun down

beneath the grass layer like the image above.


Step 7


Time for some lighting. First make a layer

underneath the sun layer. From there make sure that

your primary color is yellow and make your

secondary color 100% transparent. Make a yellow

radial gradient by the sun and change the layer

blending options to screen so that it fits in better

with the sky.

Now make another layer above the sun layer and do

the same exact with a yellow radial gradient on the

bottom left of the grass reaching up until you just hit

the sun. Then set it to screen and lower the

transparency to about 43 or w/e looks better.


Step 8


Lets draw a colored pencil now. This should be

fairly simple. Just draw two yellow lines in the exact

same angle and make one of the lines darker and

thinner than the brighter yellow line.

Then make a layer underneath the pencil layer and

make a perfect beige square. Then use the

rotate/zoom tool to angle the box and make it look

like a diamond like the example below:


The diamond may look jagged so feel free to use

the feather tool with a radius of 1 and a strength of

under the true feather setting to make the diamond a

bit softer. Then just place it so that only half of the

diamond is showing so it looks like a pencil tip.

After that just take the pencil tool and draw some

green on the edge of it. Feel free to use slightly

transparent green on the edges of it so the point

looks softer.

To make the pencil's shadow just merge the pencil

layers and duplicate it. Take the bottom pencil layer

and change the color to a dark greyish color and

lower the transparency to about 28 and place it

slightly below the pencil so it looks like the shadow

in the image i posted above.


Step 9


Now lets make our little guy. You basically just

repeat step 6 except with different colors to make

the head


Step 10


Now make a layer under the head layer and draw a

red triangle with your line tool. Then repeat step 6

except with different colors. After that use the

rotate/zoom tool to angle it like the above picture.


Step 11


To make the eyes just make a new layer and make

two black circles. Do not make them perfect circles

but make both of the circles identical. Then use the

rotate/zoom tool to angle the eyes better.

To make the mouth just choose a purple/red color

and make a small perfect circle. Then just cut off

the top half. Feel free to erase parts of it if the

mouth doesn't look right.


Step 12


To make the bush i made a circle and lined it up

against the border like the example below:


I then used the dents effect and moved it towards

the guy. After that i used the rotation/zoom tool to

angle it better.


Step 13


After that make a new layer and use the line tool to

make both of the arms and curve each of them to

any direction that you would like.


Step 14


Now just add some nice text and you are finally


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@ mero: So break your tut into smaller bites and give us individual screenshots rather than one looooooonnnnnngggggg image.

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Ah! That's a great deal more readable. Thank you.

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