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My 1st good pic.


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I didnt make the car myself, neither the backround, but i made it like that.

I used like 4 pictures total. 1 for car, and 3 for backround.

The car is in a white "room", I think that is why it looks soo real.

Thx ~

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Oh I see. When somone asks if you did it in Paint.Net (PDN) they are asking if you made everything yourself. For example, in my sig, everything you see is done by me, either lines or shapes using the effects in PDN. Nevermind. Gets a bit confusing.

Welcome to the forum & the wonderful world of PDN!

I think you did a really great job of blending the images together. Great style & colour sense. I really love it. Fantastic image!


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If you want the background to show through the windshield:


Make a Lasso Selection around where the far

side-window shows through the windshield.


Use the Color Picker tool to set your Primary color

as the tan color currently in that side-window area.


Use the Grim Color Reaper plugin effect set to Primary Color (default).

Grim Color Reaper

The side-window area will become transparent,

allowing the background layers to show through.

Click Thumbnail


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Wow, that is pretty good! Nice car in that pic, too ;)

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Thx for the Backround tips ! I might try it l8er ^^ :P

And thx :P

I havent been on for a while u know, and i have moved, witch doesnt make it better :P so i wasjust going to find a pic to show to my friend :P when i came over this :O

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