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Cut Color Effect


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The effect to cut one color and shades

ZIP: Cut Color Effect

Description in Russian

The effect is available in the menu "Effects" - "Color".

Cut Color Effect has parameter «Color to leave». Pixels of a different color are now shown transparent or black and white.

If color has many different shades, you must specify the error in the definition of shades of color. 0 is the exact hit in color, maximum 90.

Example # 1 Recolor

Recolor only a car green


Create a copy of a picture on a new layer and apply the effect "Cut Color"


Now we can use Ed Harvey Effects or Curves Adjustment


Example # 2 Replace the background

The original image


Create a copy of a picture on a new layer and apply the effect "Cut Color", then replace the background.


Example # 3 Black and White background

A color image to black and white background


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Version 2.0 of my effect «cut color»

1. I changed the color tints defining algorithm.

2. The effect has now the third type of action - removing color as the background.

Illustrative example. Let us suppose that we have a picture with soft edges.


Suppose that we want to change the background color to black. So will look a picture, if you use the "magic wand" tool. Soft edges are lost.


Let's use effect “cut color”. UI have new action «remove color as the background».


The result is below


Add below a new layer with a black background.


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One of the most useful plugins out there for me, hands down!
What I use it for: I'm collecting toy cars and take archival photos on a plain white background. I use this plugin to cut out the background but leave in the half-transparent shadow, so any background will look natural.

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