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coloring 2 people?

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i wasnt sure how to even word the title. ok so i attached a pic of calvin and hobbes hugging as an example. my question is, how would you give calvin and hobbes each his own color. like if say i wanted to make calvin totally green and hobbes totally yellow. like a sillohette i guess you would say. i tried in the past, but i just used the magic wand and it was way too complicated. is there another way around this?


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the link is just about cutting out an image from what i read. i already know how to do that. my question is how would you give (ex.) calvin and hobbes each their own color. im assumingid have to cut each out on seperate layers.

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Yes. If you make outlines (each on its own layer) for cutting each of them out,

you'll have the basis for giving each its own color.

Do you want each of them to be a solid color? (As in a silhouette)

Or retain interior detail, but with each having its own distinct change in hue?

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On an image like this that is relatively small and a bit intricate

in places, it may be quicker to simply fill-in each with colors

using PaintBrush, Pencil, and Line/Curve tools.

The filling in for each should be on its own layer to maintain control.

Of course, if you have a larger size image like this to work on everything is easier.

C&H Hugging

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