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Cropping an image

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Yes you can.

Make any random selection using the :RectangleSelectTool: than click the white little hand (the move selection tool or :MoveSelectionTool: ). Move it around so it's the rectangle you want it to crop it to. Then once you're done with that just go to

image- crop to selection.

Is that what you mean?

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Photobucket sucks!
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Another question regarding cropping. I want to crop but I want the result to be a 4x5 image so it can be printed on 4x5 paper. Is there a way to tell the program to keep a given aspect ratio while using the selection tool mentioned above?

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That doesn't seem very handy. I'm looking for something more like the method used in Microsoft Office Picture Manager. You select the frame size and then move the frame around. It is useful when cropping in order to print for a picture frame.

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