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awesome bruce lee picture :DDD


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I'm not sure if this is how i add a picture to the pictorium but there it is below. vvv

I really like to use paint.net for my drawings and stuff its probably the best FREE painting software. Now just because I use this program its not like it gave me super powers or anything I used a Toshiba drawing pad I couldn't possibly do this with mouse. Some things I'd like to credit would be the layer system where you can stack pictures over each other, this really helps when youre trying to color a picture and dont want to draw over any black lines so you can just draw in the background. The second feature i like is the the Oil Painting detail, it really makes things look natural at a low degree and gets rid of most of the pixel choppyness you would have otherwise. Anyway I just wanted to show this to everyone, this software is my primary drawing and picture editing tool its even on my task bar. boltbait.wink.png Oh and of course the last thing I would like to credit is the people who created the software, thanks so much guys this device is a big help.


Post a comment and tell me what you think boltbait.smile.png

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