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Eraser shape

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On 4/22/2010 at 11:54 PM, Sarkut said:

The eraser tool doesn't change shape.

There may be some usable work-arounds available

if you can explain what situations you want the

different shape for.

I can change the size of the eraser but it doesn't help me with round edges and thin lines...what would you recommend?should I post the image??

I wanna erase all the black on the outside of the red...


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Hi @john anthony herrera

Simple steps with layers and magic wand.

Ensure you have antialiasing disabled.

Select the black and while selection is active add new layer

Fill with a new color like orange - because anti aliasing was used in the original, you can outline this layer again with orange to ensure you have all the black covered.

Select the orange with the magic wand and while selection is active add new layer - use bucket to fill with black.

Outline with red and adjust if necessary.

No eraser required.



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Isn't it twice as good to just bucket fill the background in black, select that and delete? Increase tolerance as necessary, but still it's a single step. Boltbait's suggesting a plugin you'd have to install (granted -- it works well for this!) and AndrewDavid's suggestion requires recreating the red outline. Having other ways of doing it is one thing, but really only if it competes, right?

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