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Gradient/ bright?

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hello all. let me start by saying im new to this site forum and relativly new to pdn.

my question is, im trying to fade out a picture, actually, im trying to fade out everything but what i want in the finished product. i started my using the gradient tool. now when i do this it gives me the faded look, but there is always a bright spot where i started the gradient. im basicly only trying to use the center part of the pic and fade the rest out.

additional info: im trying to make a design that will be printed on a t-shirt.

thank you much.

***i searched near and far all over google and the forum and could not find the answer***

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Do you want it to fade to transparency like this rose picture?

Rose Picture

Or fade to white?

thanks for the reply Sarkut.

i want it faded to transparency. i got that part down. its just the bright spot where i started the gradient thats all bad. ive looked everywhere, even that rose thread a few times.

is there another tool besides the gradient to fade as good? or a setting? i tried the alpha mask, i cant do it too good, but its really not the look im going for.

ive also tried the other graident tools and tried to fade from the outside in, but i'd have to do it multiple times on each side of the pic to maybe get the desired effect, but that doesnt seem to be working either.

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I'm not really sure what look

you're going for specifically,

so don't know what to suggest.

When you say bright spot in the

middle, is that just the part

that is at full opacity?

Maybe you could post an image.

a good example is what himself22 posted, the pic of the octopuss. see how in the middle its pretty bright? im trying to get a pic faded like that but to transparency, but i dont want the brightness affilliated with it.

it dont look to bad in the octo pic cus it looks like its deep in the ocean and light is capturing it, but for most pics, that effect is undesirable.

when i go home i will post an example pic if i could.

and im sorry, i dont quite know all the lingo yet.

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ok, i uploaded a black and white pic to show you what im dealing with.

look at the faded one, i used the pencil scetch tool. notice where her black dress is at, it has that brightness to it. i dont want that. is there a way to change it?

where ever you start the gradient is where its the brightest, i guess its more obvious with the pencil but i want to use the pencil tool also.

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Okay. If you have two duplicate layers of the original image,

apply pencil-sketch and gradient to the bottom layer, and

only the gradient to the top layer.

Use the Layer Properties opacity adjustment on the top

layer to add some of the dark back to the pencil-sketch.


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