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Plug-in for unscaled call-out from scaled image?

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Hi there,

I'm creating an online tutorial for some software and need to include screenshots. In particular, I want to highlight the position and appearance of a given control in large screen. Given that I haven't got the space to show the screen at full resolution (at least, not alongside the tutorial text), I figured I would use a kind of call-out from a thumbnail. Here's my poor first effort:


Given how long this took me to craft, I'd really like to find a plug-in to speed things up (and make them look a little more professional!). The exact style it produces isn't that important, provided it achieves the desuired effect.

Can anyone help me out?



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Yeah, I'd considered that too, but was just hoping to find something that would be even quicker.

That is, I'd just select an area on a full-resolution image, click a button and the plug-in would copy the selected area into a new layer, shrink the main image underneath it, and add some kind of transition / call-out effect between them. Maybe with a parameter or two to specify the distance and direction of the call-out from its original position in the thumbnail.

BTW, nice effect in your example. :)


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Plugins can't access a new layer. You would have to at least copy & paste the selection onto a new layer prior to running any such effect.

Scriptlab has the ability to run multiple effects & adjustments one after another. Thus, you could collate a number of steps into one operation - maybe along the lines of what Sarkut was suggesting.

Other things that pop into mind: Try the Trail plugin?

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