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This tutorial is available as a PDF. Click here to view or download it


Plug-ins needed: AA's_Assistant And a thanks fo dpy's Plug-in pack for having that AA assistant plug in that's even better than Bolt Baits Feather... In my opinion at least. Feather will do also.

So, My second tut. I've been on the forums for a while, so I thought I would make anther tut, hopefully not getting locked! (I didn't know where to put this, so I put it here. I hope it goes here...)

Lets begin.


1.Open Any size canvas will do.


2.Fill it :PaintBucket: with any desired color. It will not effect the final step at all. I used FF3A3A.



3.Ok, now heres te fun part! Draw anything on your canvas. MAKE IT ON THE SAME LAYER! Make sure it does not...

hang off the edge

Have the same color as the background

It doesnt need to have color, since now... the picture you made. It matters on what you drew for the tolorance level... now press delete.



5. Run AA assistant, or Feather. Deafualt settings for AA assistant, or for feather, check true feather.

;) now were done. But lets test our stencil out!


6.Make a new layer :AddNewLayer: and on your stencil layer, select the stencil you want to use with the magic wand tool, go in your new layer.


7.Last step! now get out the paint-brush tool and with any color, draw with the stencil still selected. this is what I get.



sorry for not having not many pictures, but I think I did pretty good. Oh yeah, I wouldnt call myself new to the forums, even though I barely have any posts. I go on every single day. :biggrin: soo... post your stencils! You caan go to Layers > Import Form File to add te stencil you made to any picture. This technique is easy, but interesting. It can be used to make fonts... right? it could help I think, for I have never NEVER made a font. :cry:

so, Hope ya like it!


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Well, noone seems to reply... boltbait.sad.png So I thought I'd add a list of places this could come in handy!

1. Want to make a card for someone? Make a stencil of some things like baloons or designs. Then you could us them anytime you like!

2.Theyre neat to use so you have outlines that you cant draw out of. perfect for coloring.

3.boltbait.hmm.png I can't think of anything else... But theyres more good reasons out there some where... or atleast sorta not bad reasons. boltbait.tongue.png

So, if you like the idea, use them. If you don't, don't use them. Please no being rude. I know theres other meathods, but I like this one! Oh yeah... Thanks pyro child for the splatter plug in! boltbait.big_smile.png I used it in the stencil I made.

Enjoy!!! now relax. maye have one of theese. old.mtdew.pngfugue.cup.png

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I think yhe Idea is good... you can make a lot with it even lide your own name on visit cards,letters or something but I don't know for what I could use it... :/

But here's my outcome :D


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