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Right-click non-functional

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Hi again,

I know this isn't the first mouse issue I've been posting, but here it is:

Let's say I have black as my prim. color and white as my secondary. As you all know, to draw with the secondary color you right click.

I open PdN, default canvas, bla bla bla. Inverted colors, so now the canvas is black. If white is my primary color, it draws fine. However, whenever I set white as my secondary color and right-click, it doesn't pick up my mouse strokes and only draws a dot at the beginning and end of my stroke.

I have tried the built-in mouse on my laptop and an external device - same issue.

Any function that requires right-clicking also doesn't work, i.e. drawing an ellipse with your secondary color.

Running Win7 64 bit and PdN v3.5.4

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If it helps, right-clicking elsewhere (Browser, desktop) works normal.

I am trying PdnRepair.exe now.

Oh, and using external mouses also gives me the same problem (what do you mean by mouse driver? normally I am good with computers but you lost me :lol: )

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