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Help with textures

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I don't know if this is the right place, but I hope it is.

I might as well admit it, I've been a bit idle with Paint.NET lately, but I recently dug it up from the bottom of the seemingly bottomless pit that is my Hard Drive and got back into playing around with it. Now, I've decided to try making a bigger project in Paint.NET, and have as such begun making outlines and sketches.

What I want to make is a realistic-looking picture of a Mobile Suit (if anyone has seen Mobile Suit Gundam or any of the 30 or so spin-offs, they should now what I'm talking about), and I would like it if someone could tell me how to make a realistic (or close to realistic) metal-texture, or at least come with suggestions as to how I can make one.

And before anyone asks: Yes, I'm a Gundam-fan.

I thank in advance for any help you guys here at the Paint.NET Forums can possibly provide, and hope to hear from someone.

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kasperow ,

One thing you can try is to fill in selected sections of the suit

with a solid color, apply a vertical or horizontal fade with

Conditional Hue and Saturation, then make it black-and-white.

(In the top menu: Adjustments > Black and White)

As described in this post:



Conditional Hue and Saturation is part of the Evan's Effects plugin set.

Evan's Effects


If you do an Advanced Search of the Tutorial section, using

metal or chrome, etc. as a search term, you'll get some

helpful information.

Advanced Search

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