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Difficulty with initial installation

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I am encountering a frustrating situation when I try to install PDN (for the first time). I can download the file - either the .4 or the beta .5 version. I've tried "open" and "save" for both. When I double click on the downloaded file, it opens a permission box - I click "continue," and a dialogue box pops up showing the progress. About 90% in, the dialogue box simply disappears. A moment later, a new dialogue box pops up for an instant, but also disappears (so quickly I cannot read any text, if there is any. I THINK it looks blank).

I have the .net framework - both 3.5 SP1 and 4.0 (each installed the first time I double clicked on the PDN installer). I have gone through and restored/repaired both.

I am operating on Vista, 64 bit. I am logged in as the administrator.

Am I missing something here? (please speak in very VERY plain English, I am fairly computer illiterate)

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Have you tried rebooting?

The 3.5.5 Beta that I posted has some known issues where it isn't handling that correctly. (Nothing bad is resulting, like a corrupt system or anything. It's just confusing and bizarre.)

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Yippee! I had reSTARTED a couple of times (no change). After a full shutdown and reboot, the 3.5.4 continued to behave the same, but the beta version installed perfectly. Guess that means I need to get to work. :)

Thanks for your help... there is no excuse for my not trying that solution first... except perhaps the fact that I hadn't yet had my cup of coffee (or four).

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