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Trail Plug-In 3D Text

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You're more than welcome adel.

Seeing that end result is worth the few minutes I spent trying to help and the few more I spent writing this tutorial. (Not that there's a lot of Trail 3D text ;) )

Looking at it again, I can't help thinking it would look even more effective if there was a bit of variation of the black you've got going on.

On the outside of the lettering where the chrome effect is.

thank you again my freind

i can explain this tut in text effects, what do say?.

perhaps you want to be like this


or this


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On 05/08/2017 at 10:46 AM, welshblue said:


Still being musically active ?

Enjoying the luxury of being "semi-retired" and can pick n choose the gigs / work ;) 

Here is a quick try B) 


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Add image.
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@DrewDale ... not sure about 'top tute' ... but top result yeah.  I love that background you've used and it shows through nicely in the text.  Semi-retired ?  Sitting back and counting the money ? ;)  Make a comeback mate - there's some dire stuff in the charts now.  At least for me there is


@Seerose ... I like metally.  Very much.  You've made it all 'pop' very nicely.  Great result

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On 5/16/2020 at 7:29 AM, Djisves said:

It's trial and error to find a texture that works well


That's true.  I think I used it a lot on things like blood splatters types etc  But as EER says ...


23 hours ago, Ego Eram Reputo said:

The texture works really well. Beautiful!


Great colours and flow to the piece


I'm just dumbfounded how long ago this was written.  Where the hell has 10 years gone.  It doesn't seem that long.

Older but definitely not wiser ...

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