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Trail Plug-In 3D Text

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Yay! Its up! Very nice. I am excited. I didn't know the textures worked like that with trail.

Also, it'd be neat to try lighting effects on the text by having one pixel of the shade colour on the edge of the object you want to trail.

Thanks for the tut!


- Any thoughts? -

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Well here`s my first go and , surprise surprise, it a space pic! I never realised how good this plug in was at making 3D text. Thanks for telling. :)

The only problem with this one I guess is that the text is a bit dark on the left. Should have added another star there . That would probably have done the job.




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Thanks Lance', Helen, Csm' and Goon' ... glad you guys enjoyed it, and hopefully will find it useful.

Nice job Goon' ... maybe a bit of white drop shadow under the text ?  But it's all trial and error ... about 2 hours of my life was wasted before I was happy with my 1st result  :/

Just showing how it can help to make things more 3D.  Some of you may remember the stilsons I made ...



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Here's my attempt, I hope it looks alright. I originally had a logo I made, and then decided to give it a makeover. :D

With some special effects added afterwards. boltbait.tongue.png I know it got a bit pixelated around the edges. Neat, quick tutorial to follow.2r46ik3.jpg

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