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How do I recolor

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How do I get the recolor tool to swap from one colour to another colour such that the pixel I choose as the secondary colour becomes colour chosen as the primary colour? When I set the primary and secondary colours and use the recolour tool the subsequent pixels are not the primary colour.

For example I need to create several versions of this button in different colours.


I want to change the orange to red such that the main colour of the button (#FF6E04) becomes #E44142 and the other shades chage accordingly. As we aretalking about corporate colours the main colour must be right.

Any ideas?

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I recommend against using the Recolor tool for this.

Try using the Single Hue plugin effect.

First set your Primary color to the desired result.

Open Single Hue and click on the top-left square.

Click OK.


Single Hue is part of the Ed Harvey plugin pack.

Single Hue

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