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I'd like to wish a very happy birthday to....

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I certainly appreciate all the lovely messages. It was a nice birthday a bit on the busy side but really special.

Hubby finally came home from hospital , what a great present! I spent the day getting perscriptions filled, and having nurses in and out of the house all day. The door bell wasn't quiet for more than 5 mins. it seemed. If it wasn't a neighbour over to wish us well it was a delivery of wheelchairs, and oxygen supplies etc etc.

I just settled down to have a refreshing cup of tea at 4 pm and ding dong there was my best friends at the door, with chocolate cake, and Tim Hortons take out coffee. Wow!

I'm surly blessed. Friends at home and wonderful friends here. Truly, truly I can not say how much all the friendships mean to me.

ciao and once again everyone



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