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Recording Actions or Macros?

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I'm a PS user but I recommend Paint.Net to everyone that either can't or won't get PS. One of my friends asked me how she could record actions (also known as macros or scripts) for some of her frequently used steps in her prep for images she uses on her blog. For example, I have an action that darkens the edges, adds a feathered border, resizes, sets ppi to 72 and adds a translucent watermark (on a new layer) to my images with a single click. Obviously this saves time and that's the same type of thing she'd like to do.

I've done searches of the forum, as I've seen people recommend when questions are repeated, but I didn't find anything about whether or not it's possible in Paint.Net; much less a tutorial that I could direct her to.

So, can it be done? If so, is there a tutorial?



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