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Filetype support: *.bmq (bmp)

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Since the game called Re-Volt, uses *.bmq as bitmap mipmap pictures, I often need to open these and edit them. Paint does the job fine opening them as were they bmp (they are), but Paint.NET tells that the image type isn't recognized. Is there a way around that? It's easy to save them as bmq's since I just need to rename the extension, but when it comes to opening them again, I have to rename the file name and extension, to open it again (texture and mipmap texture is called the same with the exception of the extension).

I think a plugin would do the job and to me it sounds like an easy job, sine bmp support already is added. Any tips on this would also be very welcome :)

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In my humble opinion, it would make more sense for the developers of Re-Volt to make the game use .bmp, as it is a recognized standard.

Re-Volt supports bmp, but you cannot have 2 bitmaps of the same name in the same folder. Therefore the Re-Volt Developers has chosen to call the mip-map version of each texture *.bmq instead of *.bmp, since it's quite easy to overcome the individual levels folder, which aleready have other filetypes containing geometry and such.

Well, I'll continue hoping then. Thanks for replying me tho, and I'm also glad to see someone who have been playing Re-Volt :)

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