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Image in layer is erased after move out

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I would like to ask about layers. I have image in second layer and when I move its part (tool move selected pixels) out of original size of image (in first layer), that part of image is erased afterwards (after deselection). If I want move that second layer to another possition, image has not original size. It is croped.

I want to work with whole image in each layer always so i am not happy from this kind of working in Paint.NET. I really like Paint.NET for its easy work with selections and layers, but this feature I am missing (Photofiltre, Artweaver work like I imagine).

Is this normal feature of Paint.NET or is there any solution to work like I want? Eventually it should be good tip for another improve of Paint.NET

thx for answer

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The image's size is fixed, so you cannot work Outside the image. I suggest that you save the whole image separately and then move it. Remember that as long as you don't finish the moving, the image is still available outside the borders. You can always decline finishing an image, but if you already finished it a long time ago, import a new image and move it to a location you like. I find it quite annoying myself as well, but I've got used to it.

An alternative would be making the canvas extra big and then add a semi-transperant layer filled with a color you like, to define being "outside the image". Then in the end when flattening, remember to crop down to the actual image size.


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