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Deleting objects of a certain color

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I am wondering if there is a way to delete objects of a certain color but not another color. For example, I have a picture that has blue writing on it, then it has black writing which goes through the blue writing. Is there a way to delete just the black writing, leaving the blue writing and everything else the same? Right now I am just trying to zoom in as much as I can and using the grid, delete what I can see but in some spots, there is black over the blue which makes it hard. If I could just delete by color selection, it would make it a lot smoother and better looking. Any suggestions? Thanks all!

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And that won't touch the blue writing that is already there? Also, which do I use for the selection mode? I want to take the black away, but not have the pixalated background, just plain white behind it.

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It shouldn't touch the blue at all unless they are really similar in color. But if thats the case you can just lower the tolerance until you have the right amount of selection. As for the selection mode, start out with replace and then use add or subtract to add or subtract from the selection. To get a white background I suggest adding a white layer under your original image and then flattening when you are done.

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