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Sig Battles: Discussion


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Lol. I like the new sig. I don't really like the sword smudging though... the sword is one of the focals so I don't think you should smudge it. Nice job with the rest though.

Try some text :)

I was trying to make it look like it was being sucked into the flow. :)

I am making a version 2. ;)

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stone its street fighter and city has streets so you know i thought they might go well together

[center]Don't be afraid to forgive and forget. Life is too short to hold grudges
|[url="http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/19711-paint-dot-mikes-gallery/page__p__333003&#entry333003"]Paint.Net Gallery[/url]|[/center]

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@stone: I think you can't make a post like "enter with my current sig". You have to post it in the post :D I Think this rule is because when you change your sig, no one have an idea which sig actually meant with this.

btw. Think I have to improve my english skills


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I don't know what c4d stands for, but that's not important. It's something that you add to your sig to make it look cool.

Lawl, actually, it stands for Cinema 4 Design. Which is a graphics rendering program that excels in realistic 3D objects with accurate lighting and shadowing.

Basically you use them to make you signatures more complex.

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