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Sig Battles: Discussion


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I do not find this insulting :)

But lulz, I am 14 yrs onld and are from Norway... Therefore i dont understand everything.

I am the only one i know who are doing this in the real life, so i gotta learn me stuff all by my self.

Gonna try to listen to the stuff u said :dummy:

But lets stay on topic :roll:


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Also, your sig misses a focal object.

Focals are only useful in render/stock sigs, they're not always necessary for landscapes.In this case, I think it's the general lack of definition (it's blurry and there seems to be grass in the sky, if I'm looking at this right) that breaks it.

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You're right... Do the entered sig needed to be 100% PDN... Than my sig needs to be disqalified :roll:

:MoveLayerDown: :MoveLayerDown:

Sig Battle Rules!

Thanks to ImAnOwl? and csm725 for coming up with these rules!


1. The signature must be created/edited in Paint.NET.

2. The signature size cannot be more than 500x200 pixels. (or 200x500 for a vertical signature)

3. If demanded, the sig-maker must link to the render(s) or stock(s) used. (C4D's not included)

think you're ok ;)

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