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Camerator, try setting up a thread in Pictorium with all your work in it, that way you can measure your own development as well as get feedback.

EDIT: Honestly, I just don't know why I enter in these competitions. >__>

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Guest xiaoyan848

Sig battles seem like a good idea, as Im making more then a couple signatures a day now but man we need more people voting to get things moving.

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Okay people I'm double posting because I believe this is neccesarry.

The competition between two people does not end after 3 three votes have been cast; it only ends after one person receives three votes in his/her favour.

Also this trend of editting your posts and removing your votes has to stop; it's ruining the fun for everyone and is frankly quite rude.

If none of this makes sense go to the first page of the main topic (Here) and pay attention to rules 7, 11 & 12a.

Voting for someone simply because you want the competition to end is rude and is not allowed.

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Also this trend of editting your posts and removing your votes has to stop; it's ruining the fun for everyone and is quite frankly quite rude.


Workaround: "Subsequent votes should quote the previous vote". That way we achieve a modicum of accountability as an edited post can be proved (...and the offender handed over to Pyrochild to play with bubblerevolution.devlish.png )

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I think its a little harsh to come onto the sig discussion thread to criticise people for not posting in the galleries, they are 2 different things. Sigs dont take too long and you get real criticism and feedback from the battles which helps to increase your knowledge of PDN. To be brutally honest the galleries are too PC for me every post is the same " Wow amazing work " even if it isn't, yes I know its not nice to knock a new user back but its also not good to reply to every gallery with praise its a bit like schools sportsday without winners and losers. Also as has been bought up before in a thread about the lack of user input on galleries, this is a support forum not the most ideal place to host your work if you want constant action in your gallery, maybe there are better places for them.

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You seem to take things to heart a bit much, I have 463 views in my gallery and 9 posts, 3 of which are me I think and it really doesn't bother me. A gallery is for you to show your work , you shouldn't then get upset if people are not commenting on it they never asked for you to display your work.

As for being hypocritical I don't think so, there have been a few of us quite active in sig battles but suddenly has gone quiet, the galleries are always going to be quiet not everybody feels adequate enough to comment and some just dont feel the need to. When I watch a great film or listen to an amazing album I dont get in touch with the persons responsible to thank them, Do you ? why should viewing a gallery on a support forum be so different. Like I said this has come up before and most of the people who were upset agreed with the mod when he stated the above why start this up again ?

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