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Sig Battles: Discussion


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Sig Battles

The Discussion Thread

Hosted by: Chrisco97 and csm725

This thread is for discussion!

Do not post entries in this thread.


Please use this thread to ask questions, discuss the current battle, entries, or anything related to the Sig Battles. If you have any more questions, please PM one of the Sig Battle hosts: chrisco97 or csm725.


Enter Sig Battles: Entry Thread

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IMHO the new one is pretty darn organized. Winners list would be kinda hard to keep track of after 5-10 pages. Maybe we could tag each win with a tag and after every 2 pages, I could make a .txt file with the winners.

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So, discussing is what's happening here, eh?

Well, as I have the honour to currently participate in the first sig battle of the new official thread, I wanted to say thank you to all my supporters (:cake::cake::cake: for you!) and appreciate the ambition of my challenger csm725, you are a great guy!

While csm has the lead right now my true fan


gave me his vote with the awesome commentary " One of teh best sigs evah! ".

I'm feeling very confident and I hope I'll win, so...

This thread is SO not necessary.

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lol my wish has been granted, but only because i asked for it? I like constructive criticism (could use more AA, some feathering on the text would be cool) but not opinionated criticism (too much color, the font is weird [so i hate it], etc) :)

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