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Weylin: 3

L3ron: 0

Honestly, weylin's has a nice use of background, and the border is nice.

L3ron: really plain, and you use some WIERD renders.


#winner Weylin

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I enter with this:



0(-_-)0 - 1

yy10 - 1

PaintFOX: 1

CoolTEW: 1

Chrisco97 - 3

csm725 - 3

FrontCannon: 1

Mayor_McSteeze: 1

Pipp92: 1

Weylin: 1

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chrisco97:1 (or 2 depending on if ptuZ changes his post)

csm725: 0

I think csm's is too simple, and the colors are messed up. But I don't really like the fact that Chrisco's doesn't have colors either.

Scoring could be wrong, next person who votes please check and if he changes it make the score 2 to 0 plus your vote.

"The truth is just an excuse for having a lack of imagination."

Photobucket sucks!
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chrisco: 3

csm725: 0

I have to go with chrisco's here, because I thik it has great flow, and depth.

Csm, still nice, but seems a bit boring. You can do better.

#winner chrisco97


Thanks to chrisco97 for the Cloud Sig Tutorial that helped me make my sig!

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Oh look what it be? The two hosts battling it out?

I shall reckon that a score of..

Chrisco - 1

csm - 0

..Is now present.

Given the criteria that csm's clouds were made in PDN and are not renders/stocks I shall change my score.

Chrisco's fits well and blends nicely, and I love the paper.

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Well,your signature looks a bit boring to me,Chrisco's signature gets my point because I lve it how me made the paper.

It really looks like the text is really like it is in real when you write on a paper,frumble it a bit so it looks like it has been in your pocket a whike,You actually see the folds on the text

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I like the fact that it does have depth,that it doesn't look that plain and egalised,Just those letters give it the depth.Like they are like Letter bricks

Birdhouse doesn't have much depth in it(Only the border)

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