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I guess i'll give it another go-around.NOTE:The quote 'Stone Cold Fox' is NOT supposed to make this picture in any way suggestive, a furry, or a pornographic picture in ANY WAY.Renamon, if you know digimon, is a almost harsh, but not really digimon.She wouldn't kill a human though, she at least has common courtesy.Wait...Why the heck am i going on a whole rant about a digimon?I don't know.But here's my sig.


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I can't make any sense of what's happening right now. Are we going to start another battle? Or shall we wait for the last vote?

In the case of the former, I would like to enter with this:



Hatred does not cease by hatred, but only by love; this is the eternal rule.

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Yes Kemaru vs. Schnicka.

N00BZ one the last round.

Everyone please stop conversing here now and start voting on the new competition.


I'll start off:

Kemaru: 1

Schnicka: 0

I love the colours and the blending in Kemaru's the only fault I can find in it is the large block of bright purple/pink on the left stands out too much and seems awkwardly placed. Schnicka yours is still really cool but the text stands out too much and distracts from the centre of the piece, also it seems too jagged from it being downsized at a different ratio.


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Kemaru: 3


@ Kemaru: I like the brightness of the signature however the left side is very bleh.

@ Schinika: Could be more visually eye appealing nevertheless the stripes look cool

So I enter with this:

(its from an online game I play) (back ground was created by me)


Edited by Rookking
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TheHowler: 3

Rookking: 0

Rookking, your render doesn't seem to blend at all...

TheHowler: Really nice. I like the detail. Keep it up!


And I really do not understand why it is so hard for the battles to go continuously...I mean, if there is a battle going on, do not enter. It is as simple as that. And let us keep it at a maximum of two sigs per battle, okay? And please, everybody follow the rules in the first post. Thank you. :D

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