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Stone, vingette is to strong, and the render looks like it has i white outline and its to distracting from the sig, i would prefer a different text to. Background is Hawt I must say. :D

DrGrit: It's good, i love simplicity, but the glow is to strong, i as well liked the original best. (But i love the style :lol: )

Stone: 2

DrGrit: 0

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#Stone85: 1

#Jake 0: 3

#Winner: Jake 0

@Stone85, I understand what you were going for but it could use some help getting there. The render only fits with the background from the tone of its shadow and the shadows along the edges of the signature. Shadows meaning the black space. The background is nice with its changes in tone, but the render could use some work blending into it.

@Jake 0, add a border and I love this signature.

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KING - 2

paint dot mike - 1

i have to give my vote to the one with the better depth and blending.

paint, yours is nice but its lacking good depth and (especially with the white around him) batman is not blended in well imho

Couldnt have said it better myself 3-2 #winner King

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Stone, best sig yet from you. I would recommend adding effects to the render though. Darkshock shows tips in his tut on how to do it good. Add some c4ds, just make it look nice. 8/10, render matches background very well.

Leonte, can't say much more then what has already been said.

Stone: 3

Leonte: 0

#winner Stone85

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