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Creating an "electrical" energy orb(Image Heavy)


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I read a tut on the forum teaching how to make lightning, and I made an (edited) easier version of it. Then I simply turned it into an orb

Plugins youll need:

Outline Object-My link

Shape3D-My link

1st we need to resize the canvas. I use a 1000x1000 canvas but you can use other sizes(this tutorial is setup for the 1000x1000 canvas)


next make the background black( hex code 404040) and add a new layer. This will make it easier to make the lightning.


Next we are going to make the base of the lightning. us blue ( hex code 0066AF) and use brush size 80 and make lines that look like the shape of lightning. Then make branches of off those with brush size 60


Now we are going to add a lighter blue. Use hex code 0082E0 and draw over the lines with size 50 the the base and 35 for the branches


Now we are going to make an even lighter blue over the lines. Use hex code 0094FF. Use size 30 for the base, and size 15 for the branches


Next we are going to make the center of the lightning. Use hex code 8ED0FF. Us size 7 over all the lines


Now we are going to make it glow. Use the glow effect and use these settings:20-100-40


now again but with these settings:10-60-negative 60


Now we are going to outline. use outline object with these settings:95-255, Colors:100-180-255


now we delete our bottom layer and we are done with the lightning


Now run Shape3D

I included the link to the xml here:

Filefront-My link


and if for any reason it does not work, here are the settings-full sphere map, axis 2 is 90degrees, and lights are unchecked


Now for the final outline. run outline object with these settings:100-255, color:100-180-255


the finished product should look like this(Sorry, forgot to resize.)


You can use it in other ways like this:


Please try it and expirement with other colors. Post your attempts and questions

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A nice but simple effect.


I used outline object, frosted glass then dents to make the outline of the orb.

The circles are done by Random Shape Fill ( can't remember where to find it )

Stock photo of hand found on google images, then rendered by me so I could place meh shiney gradient on the background xD

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blending cloud layers together is the newbie way of making lightning. If you want usable lightning, you draw it yourself. Nice tutorial! If you made the electricity a little thinner, it would look more realistic, but would take much longer. I do agree with using lens, though, if you could make the side facing away from the "camera" show between the electrical arcs up front. Shape 3D tends to make most textures look messed up

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On topic: Wow, looks very nice. I will have to try this.

Off topic: I absolutely love your sig and avatar!

Thanks, I actually have about ten more random sigs somewhere on my computer in all different styles

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yea sorry bout that.....here it is....


yeah, this seams like it is easy for every one to make( probably would of been a good idea to put this tut in the newbie section, to easy for the people who look for tuts here)

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This is mine...


Obviously i made some adjustments.

One, I used a different color for the size 7 Brush.

When i did Outline Object, i changed the blend mode to Lighten.

I added Noise with the following settings:


I did Twist with 20.0 Amount.

Twist again with -40.0 Amount.

Then Shape 3D with Half Sphere (Repeat).

Edited by n00ber
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This looks brilliant, except the lines look to thick to be lightning. Also, your sphere in hand thing looks to sharp. Maybe making it less round and the lines thinner (A mix of size 2 and 1 maybe)would help. Lightning is considered to be wild; here it looks to tame. Maybe line size one lightning bolts could be escaping from the sphere.

Nice tut.

Serious graphics up in that post. ;)
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Forum rules state that the maximum dimension of posted images should be 800px or less.

I've replaced your posted images with links.

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