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Printer Problem

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I can not print from Paint.net to my HP 5650. If I choose another printer on the network (i.e. my kodak esp7) it will print. I can print to the HP from every other program. When printing from paint.net to the HP it appears as if it is printing (the progress bar advances and then disappears) but just does not print. This problem is driving me Crazy! Can anyone help? Thanks

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You should ask HP. Clearly Paint.NET's printing system is working, and clearly the printer is working. The only thing left is the WIA driver.

But: I can print from Paint.net from my win 7 machine to her HP printer. The only problem is on her machine (win 7) and only from Paint.net. Now she tells me that it did print the first few times and that now it doesn't.

Thinking she may have messed up a setting, I uninstalled Paint.net and reinstalled but still no print. After reinstalling, I noticed that recent photos still show from the prior installation. Is there a way to completely uninstall so no settings are remembered from the previous install?


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