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Help With Shading Basic Pictures

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Just joined Paint.net forums (a bit confusing with the forums getting locked and moved but no worries all of me is here :P) after discovering Paint.net, wonderful software, I love it! The layers really do help a lot!

Anyways I'd say my skill level is basically newbie, and I'm just starting to use photoediting software. For this piece I want to know how to shade line-art, that you yourself have drawn. I know it has to be a darker color but I really have no idea how to achieve a darker color and what to shade with :unsure:! So if you guys could help me I'd appreciate it ;)

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Shade on a different layer with, yes, the paintbrush. You can zoom in to reduce shakiness. Use blurs and different sized brushes too. Erasing isn't a bad thing either.

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You can also use the magic wand to select areas you want to shade (while on the drawing outline layer) and then switch to a different layer and use the bucket fill to fill it in or use the gradient tool to add color and shading at the same time. Another cool thing to do is to again select the same area, create another layer on top of your shading and use the bevel selection plugin and vary the colors of the bevel. This will give you more depth in what you are shading.


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