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Multipoint Outlining Tool

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I was watching a speed paint/speed coloring video and was quite impressed by the outlining tool used.

Outlining Tool in GIMP - Music may be objectionable.

Is there something similar for Paint.NET? I saw a reference to outlining in the Bolt Bait Plugin pack. Is this where I need to look?

Thanks for the help and advice.

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It will work. Maybe faster than the GIMP tool as you dont have to stop to nail points.

The nice thing about the lasso is that you have a guaranteed enclosed area. With the demonstrated tool, I can envision how one might 'miss' in closing up the selection area and wind up with a fail.

The GIMP tool was not perfect either. I noticed the artist had to go in and clean the edges in the video.

Maybe some day we will see a version of the lasso with nurbs?

Thanks again.

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