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Cropping images

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Hi there from a newbi.

What I need to do is to basically crop out the bottom half of my image (and discard). I am struggling to do this with the cropping tool, it seems to only allow me to crop a proportionate image. As fast as I change the size parameters (I suppose that is the way to do it?) it reinstates the constrain proportionality tick. So I did a search on the forum and found the post below, dated last month, from one of the moderators. It seemed to show what I wanted under the link Cutting out images. Only the link does not work. Anyone care to help out.


"If you want to crop the sides, select the part you want to keep with the rectangle selection tool :RectangleSelectTool: and then hit CTRL + Shift + X

If you want to remove part of the image, check out this tutorial: Cutting out images.

If you want to remove part of the image and fill in the hole that is left, you'll need the Clone Stamp tool or this plugin: Fill Gaps 1.0

Hope this helps. "

From one

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Click on the link on the left/near-top of this page

that says: Paint.NET Forum.

Then click the Newbie Playground link in the Tutorials section.

Cutting Out Images is one of the pinned tutorials.

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