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Selecting all objects on a layer

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Hello, I'm new around here but I'm glad to join just as these forums appear to be getting spiced :)

Even though I'm still new to doing image editing and stuff, I've got most of the basics.

One of the main problems I've encountered is that I cannot find a function that allows me to select all objects on a layer, which is everything that isn't a "Blank" pixel- including partially transparent, or I believe "alpha" pixels as they're called.

Magic brush doesn't really do its job all that well as sometimes I have an image/fonts with very minute holes/partially transparent pixels that would take all day to select, so I would appreciate if somebody could just point me in the right direction to do things.

It would also be great if there's a way to instantly remove all pixels of a certain color from my workspace.

On a side note, I would like to know if there's a really powerful way of cropping major objects out of an image without leaving behind any white pixels around the edges. I've tried changing the tolerance level of the magic brush one % at a time, but it still doesn't always end up the way I like it.



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Try using the magic wand at 0% tolerance, set the flood mode to global. Click on a blank pixel, and hit Ctrl + I (invert selection) so you have a selection of all the existent pixels on the canvas.

Use the same principle for removing pixels of a certain colour. Just select the colour and as long as the flood mode of the magic wand is global, all pixels of the certain colour will be selected and you can easily delete them.

To cut an image out, without rough edges, go here: Clicky

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