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Gaussian Blur Mistreats Alpha

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Repro 1:

  • Create a new image
  • Fill the image with half-transparent white
  • Run Gaussian Blur at default radius; the whole image should noticeably darken
  • The image is noticeably darker. Check the color channels; they're definitely not white anymore



Repro 2:

  • Create a new image
  • Delete a section in the middle of the image
  • Run Gaussian Blur at default radius
  • Repeat with Ctrl+F until you see edges darkening; should be noticeable on the 5th time, and painful on the 6th



Repro 3:

  • Open an image
  • Use a transparency gradient across the whole image
  • Run Gaussian Blur at default radius
  • There should now be noticeable banding across the gradient.



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