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Kirby Dots/krackle?

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Sorry to ask, but I searched the forums (Using the search tool) and it doesn't seem like anyone has asked this before, but I recently came across a plug-in for Photoshop that is designed to achieve the "kirby dots" effect (Click Here to see the plugin page and some examples of the effect I'm talking about) and I thought it was a pretty cool visual effect. I was wondering if anyone has created a similar plug-in for Paint.net, and maybe just named it differently?

Alternatively, does anyone have any idea as to a reliable way to create this effect without a plug-in?

EDIT: And, well, if it doesn't exist as a plug-in yet, I guess this could also be a plug-in request too. I'm pretty sure someone out there could get some use out of it other than I...

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I don't make and haven't made any plugins but without a plugin, isn't it just black dots with a fancy colored background?

I did the same here:

I would suggest start with the big and medium,

make a new layer and add your background color(and put it to the back),

then select all of the larger dots,

make a new layer in between the two you already have layer,

select a color with a darker hue than your background color and fill it in,

and gaussian blur, duplicate and merge, and edit transparency on that layer until you have what you want.

Here's what I did (the background blur stinks)


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Well to be honest, what I was really hoping for was a way to use an image that has already been created and have the plug-in affect that. Not a texture per say, but like the "Fire!" plugin (not "flames", but "fire!"...) or the "majority" one.

Either way, thanks for the tut though! I guess I could always work with layers and importing pictures to try to get it...


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