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The Forums Are Back! (Post problems here)

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Good job? I'm the one that made the too-many-smileys mess in the first place! I'm just cleaning up after my recklessness now... :D

True story.

We all wanted more smilies than we had before. So, pyrochild loaded up ~2500 of them.

Turns out, "too much of a good thing" really is a bad thing. Pulling up the entire list took several minutes even on a fast connection.

pyro is paring down the list to a more managable level.

Click to play:
Download: BoltBait's Plugin Pack | CodeLab | and how about a Computer Dominos Game

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Have you tried the "Delayed Email Notification" option?

I have now - we'll see what happens.

Unfortunately, no joy. I just got 8 forum email updates in a row, all from this thread, without having visited it in-between.

On the old forum I would have gotten one mail letting me know there had been an update and not received another until I had visited that thread again.

Sorry, it's just too many emails for my liking. I've changed my notifications to the 'daily email digest' - not ideal, but the best I can do until such time as a solution can be found.




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Just tried updating my profile to include a photo. The one I chose is 120x150 . The limit is 150x150 and yet I was still told it was too large. Then auto scale says it`s on but is not scaling the image to fit either ( although it shouldn`t need to anyway).

Am I doing something wrong as I notice other people have photos so it must work?



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