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computer crash+unsaved project= HELP if possible!

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So I've been working on this art project on PDN for about 4 days now, and (I slap myself in the face every time I hear myself say this inside my head) never saved it, because every time I saved any other project with multiple layers, in more or less words, I was informed it would flatten all of my layers. Without my project being completed, I didn't want to save and flatten everything.

Well, while I was out last night, a thunderstorm hit and, even though it was a mild one, it still managed to trigger my power and shut my computer off!!! So needless to say, I'm pretty dklafmdiaoeajak!!!!! right now..

I heard that other photoshopping programs had like a history listing, similar to how internet explorers do.

I was just wondering if there was a back-up plan to retrieving my project.. I understand how ridiculous it was of me to NOT save ANYTHING AT ALL.. but ergh.. I honestly never expected one, for the project to last this long, and two, for my computer to shut off..

If there's help out there, I would be most graciously obliged!!!

Thanks again...

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