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A Newbie Needing Help, please with image banner project

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I'm overwhelmed by the tutorials and still can't answer my questions. This is what I am trying to do with Paint.net:

I have to make a banner 550x75. I have a png background image with colors I want to use.

I have no problem inserting this into paint.net and resizing it. I got that much.

I have another image of a hat and magic wand that is large and is a jpg. I want to insert this image onto the background.

I need to crop out the hat and wand and make the background disappear.

Then I need to resize the hat and wand and then lay it over the top of the background that I have resized.

I am able to take out the background from the hat and wand image but when I resize it, it looks terribly distorted.

So that is my first problem.

Then I want to take that image and place it on top of the background I have already resized but I can't seem to do this either.

Finally, I want to use the text feature to write on the banner.

Can anyone please help?

Thank you so much.


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If you resize by -

Image > Resize...

be sure that there is a checkmark in

Maintain Aspect Ratio.

If you are resizing with a rectangular selection,

hold the Shift key down and resize using a corner

adjusting node.


Once you have your resized hat-and-wand

saved as a PNG file, open your background

image in Paint.NET.

Next, bring in the hat-and-wand image -

Layers > Import From File...


Make a new layer for your text -

Layers > Add New Layer...


Help file:



Here is some info on layers.


http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Paint.NET/ ... rs_Example

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Thank you, this is great help and I was able to get the image sized and placed on the background. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your assistance.

Now I am typing the text but no words are appearing. I have read through the help and all my settings seem to be correct..font, size, color, etc. But no words are visible.

Last question...on the hat, which I have resized per your instructions, there is a tail of pixie dust which comes out. It's a magic hat and a wand photo. I need to make the pixie dust more prominent. It is not visible when I reduced the size of the photo to place on the back ground. Is there a way to do this? I think I need to pull out part of the photo...the part with pixie dust and make it white color or gold so it stands out but I don't know how to do this.

Thank you.


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For the text, usually it is one of three things:

There is a selection active and you are trying to

place the text outside of the selection.

Press, Ctrl D. to deselect.


The wrong layer is active -

In the Layers window click the layer you want the text to go on.


The mouse pointer is hovering over an icon or menu item -

Move the mouse.

Boltbait types faster than I do :)

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On the hat-wand-pixie dust layer, make a selection around

the pixie dust.

Next, press Ctrl C to copy the dust,

then, Ctrl + Shift V.

This will paste the dust into its own new layer.

Changing the new layer's Blend mode to Additive should brighten it up.

Layers > Layer Properties...

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I want to thank both of you for helping me out with the instructions for getting this banner ad completed.

Here's the final result. I still had some trouble with the font and resizing the little hat and wand but I'm pleased with my first attempt.

Again, I appreciate your help.



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