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Color calibration issues

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Hello all, first post. :)

I have been using Paint.net for years and love it. However I think the lastest update has color calibration issues. I haven't determined whether is in the eyedropper tool or the color gets messed up when saving but it is always a few shades darker when I save the file. Anyone else experience this - it is just since the last update - maybe 2-3 weeks agol

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That'll happen with PNG, thanks to gamma "correction". Both IE and Safari will apply gamma "correction", but they're both different. Check out this article for more information:

http://morris-photographics.com/photosh ... gamma.html

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Thanks all, I didn't realize the gamma correction issues introduced by different browsers. I am not sure why I hadn't noticed it prior to the most recent update but most likely I have been working with more png than jpg files lately.

Thanks again for your comments and replys ! I need to use IE8 as it is a corporate environment and we all use it :)

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